Nintendo Region Free 2014
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Nintendo: Stop region blocking - make the 3DS and Wii U region free

Koei Tecmo Europe & Koei Tecmo America THANK YOU!!   Gamestop THANKS for Xenoblade chronicles(wii).
Xseed THANKS for The Last Story & Pandora's Tower.

The recent Nintendo Direct broadcast has revealed a truckload of exciting news from the Japanese gaming giant. Racer Mario Kart 8 is set to have its inaugural 200cc race mode, whilst the level creation title Mario Maker was given a September release window. Meanwhile, Nintendo announced a wide number of new amiibo figures, including those for Yoshi’s Woolly World and Splatoon.

Those looking out for more adult titles may have felt a little disappointed, however, as there was a bright and colorful feel to most of Nintendo’s announcement. There is a real lack of adult-themed games on Nintendo’s Wii U console, and Nintendo fans may feel envious seeing the likes of Bloodborne on rivals like the PS4 and Xbox One. There may be a good reason for Nintendo’s hesitance, however – previous adult titles such as ZombiU have failed to reach commercial success, with Ubisoft dropping plans for a ZombiU sequel.

There was some exciting news hidden in the Direct broadcast for horror fans, though. Nintendo is planning to release Fatal Frame Wii U in North America, and will do so in 2015. Details about the release can be found over at the Nintendo Direct broadcast, with Nintendo also stating the title will be available in Europe, where the series has been known as Project Zero.

The game will likely be a translated port of the Japanese release Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, which launched in September of last year in Japan only. It’s unknown whether the North American and European release will keep the same name, or whether the Western localisation of Fatal Frame Wii U will carry a different monicker. With E3 just weeks away, no doubt either Nintendo or developer Tecmo Koei will reveal more about the title soon.

It’s an exciting piece of news for American fans. Fatal Frame has not had an American release since Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented in 2005, with US audiences missing out on Fatal Frame 4 entirely. European fans have had more luck, as a re-release of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly for the Wii hit shelves in 2012 as Project Zero 2: Wii Edition. Even so, Fatal Frame Wii U will be a rare Western release for the franchise.

Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven uses the Wii U gamepad itself as an essential part of the gameplay experience. Players are able to use the gamepad as a camera, which allows intrepid ghost hunters to see in-game enemies. The camera also acts as a weapon, letting players capture ghosts whilst traversing through the game’s story. The gamepad has previously been used this way in the aforementioned ZombiU, where it gave players the ability to scan the environment. Let’s hope Fatal Frame Wii U can be more successful than Ubisoft’s title.

Fatal Frame Wii U will release later this year for the Wii U.

Source: Nintendo Direct

Report: PS4 and PS Vita to be Region Free in China, Xbox One Remains Locked

December 29, 2014 Written by Mark Labbe

According to some sources that have been translated by Kotaku, it appears as if Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles will not be region-locked in China when they launch in the country next month. 

At the same time, Microsoft’s Xbox One system is still region-locked in the country, even though it launched back in September. Currently, there is no word if this will change when Sony releases its products, so Xbox One fans will just have to wait and see. 

Both the PS4 and the PS Vita will be launching in China on January 11, 2015. The PS4 is set to cost 2,899 RMB (about $468 USD), while the PS Vita will be 1,299 RMB (about $209 USD). What do you think of the systems not being region-locked?

[Source: Sina Tech 1,2 via Kotaku]

Nov - 01 - 2014

Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS are the last of the current platforms to be region-locked, causing plenty of frustration for Western fans of titles that haven't or won't see release in their markets. In a Q&A with investors, according to a translation, company president Satoru Iwata indicated a willingness to rethinking the policy.

To be sure, according to the translation (via Zelda Informer), Iwata lays some of the decision to region-lock at the feet of publishers. He noted that "region-locking has existed due to circumstances on the sellers' side rather than for the sake of the customers." This is because of issues of licensing, localization and marketing, all of which involve money.

"As for what should be done going forward, if unlocked for the benefit of the customers, there may also be a benefit for us. Conversely, unlocking would require various problems to be solved, so while I can't say today whether or not we intend to unlock, we realize that it is one thing that we must consider looking to the future."

Of course, region-locking also meant that Western customers couldn't import Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and play it before their localized release three weeks later. In any event, any action on region locking is probably a long ways off, and would at least require some new hardware release. The New Nintendo 3DS just launched in Japan and should arrive in North America and Europe in 2015.

"The game business has a history of taking a very long time with localization among other things, such as having to deal with various issues of marketing in each particular country, or games that have made use of licensed content that did not apply globally, and had all kinds of circumstances, so to say, that region-locking has existed due to circumstances on the sellers' side rather than for the sake of the customers. In the history of game consoles, that is the current situation. As for what should be done going forward, if unlocked for the benefit of the customers, there may also be a benefit for us. Conversely, unlocking would require various problems to be solved, so while I can't say today whether or not we intend to unlock, we realize that it is one thing that we must consider looking to the future."

Published on Oct 13, 2014

A grass-root movement is taking shape within the Nintendo community called Operation Zero. The movement's goal is to localize Fatal Frame 5 so other fans of the series can enjoy this game.

Join the movement today

English subs would be more than enough!! 

Come on Nintendo!

 Fan made patch should not be necessary. We want to pay you!!

Nintendo continues to hold back games from their biggest supporters and this is no exception. It's statistically proven that games sell better in the North American market than the Japanese one. Nintendo, you need to localize this to where the money is. Failure to do so will ultimately spell further demise for your console. Wii U is already suffering a slight hold back in the console race and by holding this title "ransom" in Japan, you'll only give people more reason to not jump aboard your system. Think about it.

       ‘Fatal Frame V’ Coming out on September 27, 2014 in Japan. If you hear us Nintendo, We want an English release.

Will the title remain exclusive to Japan? Not if fans have a say in the matter!

By Marc Deschamps. Posted 09/29/2014 18:00 1 Comment ShareThis

Nintendo fans are no strangers to region-based exclusives. After all, just ask any EarthBound fan how long they’ve been waiting for Mother 3. But with Wii U sales starting to gain steam, it would seem that Nintendo would want to give every region a chance to enjoy the same great games. Unfortunately, a recent tweet from Koei Tecmo Europe seems to suggest that Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden could remain exclusive to Japan.

And regarding #WeWantFatalFrame requests, as far as we know this title is JP release only. Back to the office tomorrow FYI. #KTfamily

The company is referring to a campaign fans have started to bring the title to other territories. Fans across North America and Europe have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #WeWantFatalFrame, seemingly undeterred by the title’s current status. While these types of campaigns don’t always work, Operation Rainfall showed that fan petitions can prove successful, despite Nintendo’s protestations to the contrary. The fact of the matter is, if fans want to see the game arrive on our shores, voicing that desire simply couldn’t hurt.

This wouldn’t be the first Fatal Frame title to skip the West. The previous game in the series, a Wii-exclusive, also missed out on release outside of Japan. Still, it’s a disheartening prospect given that the survival horror genre has been quite barren on just about every platform over the last few years. At the very least, the game would provide some strong diversity to the Wii U library. Nintendo has always struggled with the “kiddie” stereotype, and a game like Fatal Framecould only help dispel that notion.

Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden was released in Japan this past weekend. Stay tuned to Nintendojo where we’ll keep you updated on any news of a domestic release.

Post comments on facebook operation region free or twitter @EndRegionLock

Another campaign to end region locking for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has begun

The call for Nintendo to end region-locking on the Wii U and the Nintendo3DS has been renewed.


Last year around E3, a huge campaign got under way in order to ask Nintendo to end region-locking. President Satoru Iwata never addressed the campaign specifically, but stated there were specific reasons why the company would not end region locking for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Currently the Wii U is the only home console on themarket that experiences region lock restrictions, as both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are region free machines.

Members of the NeoGAF forums have revived the region-free movement again this year under the #NintendoRegionFree 2014 hashtag and across several websites. If you’re a supporter of Nintendo consoles and handhelds being offered across the world region-free, then it might behoove you to support these efforts. As stated by the main thread where the organization takes place, the goal is to get Iwata to acknowledge region-locking has more detrimental effects than benefits.

Region-locking IS a restriction, and such an anti-consumer practice has no place in luxury products. Other platform holders have dropped region-locking despite the same cultural, legal, and ratings issues.

What we want is to be able to play legally-purchased games for Nintendo platforms purchased from anywhere in the world, irregardless of any hardware region setting. If parental controls are a concern, access to out-of-region titles can simply be disabled by default and enabled by adults.

If you want to support the movement, there are several things you can do. The first is tosign this petition. Currently it has around 30k signatures and it’s the main petition to be presented to Nintendo as proof that customers around the globe want access to region-free devices.

The campaign has also set up a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter account,@EndRegionLock. If you want to contact Nintendo directly about the issue, there are several places to do so, including many official Nintendo Twitter accounts where you can let them know that you don’t want region-locking to continue. Remember to be polite and non-abusive in your requests, otherwise you’ll just be blocked.

Nintendo Twitter Accounts


The community is active on Miiverse as well, posting several drawings and posts describing how region-lock affects users directly. You can check out those posts and Yeah! them on Miiverse to let Nintendo that you the messages that the author has written. These messages are being written in the official Nintendo @ E3 Miiverse community, so be sure and check there if you want to see what people are contributing to the cause of getting Nintendo to end region-locking one and for all.

Remember, just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it isn’t a cause worth fighting for. Nintendo is currently the only manufacturer with a region-locked current-gen console.

Nintendo's New 3DS will be region-locked

Nintendo's newly announced 3DS models, the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL, will be region-locked just like the currently available 3DS systems, IGN reports.

A Nintendo representative confirmed in a written statement that "the situation will be exactly the same as for the current family of Nintendo 3DS systems." The company's history with region-locking 3DS systems extends to the DSi, which launched in the West in 2009 and was Nintendo's first region-locked handheld.

Nintendo revealed the New Nintendo 3DS system earlier this month. The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS LL feature a smaller analog "nub" above the A, B, X and Y buttons. Likewise, existing buttons have been colored to match the old-school Super Famicom controller. The hardware will also arrive with new shoulder buttons which will be situated next to the existing ZL and ZR buttons. Check out a front-on view below.

What I want to see with Wii U!

Could this work with the Wii U????

1.  A unified account system with purchases linked to you Nintendo ID and not the the hardware.  Why have a ID in the first place if you going to still link purchases to the hardware. Come on trusted your customers for once.  I will not buy form the E-Shop in till this is fixed,my hard earned cash is to important to me. I want the games I buy to be accessible even if the hardware breaks. I will keep buying disc games though. 

2. REGION FREE. Nintendo you know it's time. You need are money, so you can keep making high quality games. We want to buy your games, STOP restricting us. Why do you think piracy is so rampant. I know you do not encourage piracy on purpose. If you would trust us with e-shop downloads and stop restricting with region locks. I bet you more people would gladly pay for your games and not pyrite them. People are going to play the games they want to play even if it means piracy. 

3. Virtual Console subscription service. Say $50 /year. Release the entire backlog of Nintendo games form Gamecbue to Gameboy to NES for the service. Even have say one free Wii U game a moth. Something that's been out for a while, nothing new of course. For non scrubbers put the games at $2-3 each for every one but Gamecbue at $5 each. Even give other E-Shop discounts to scrubbers. Make it Unified with Wii U and 3DS. 

4. More Wii U and 3DS cross play connectivity. How about making the 3DS & 2DS compatible as a Wii U gamepad. Make an adapter to turn the 3DS into a Wii U gamepad. Basically the adapter has the extra analog stick and shoulder buttons, nfc and whatever else the 3DS does not have that the gamepad has. You could even send both screens to the 3DS for off screen play. I love the two screen play. You know give 3DS owners one more reason to buy a Wii U and vice verse.   

5. Games that use two gamepads for multiplayer. Cost is the biggest reason we don't have this yet. Make the 3DS work as a gamepad with an adapter. One more reason to buy a 3DS.

6.. An epic Pokemon MMORPG for the Wii U and 3DS with cross play connectivity. Real Nintendo / Pokemon fans have wanted this for years.

7.. Last but not least. DVD and Blu-ray playback. If cost is a problem get an open source player like VLC or M-Player and port it over to the Wii U.

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